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Quality admissions guidance from experts for a fraction of cost

Many college counselors charge $200 per hour for general admissions advice, often lacking real international experience. At Borderless Sensei, we provide guidance from true experts and graduates of top universities, all at a significantly reduced cost.


Personalized College List

Recommendation of 12-15 universities with scholarships based on your preferences


Your curated list of 12-15 universities will feature:
  • University name and location
  • Application link
  • Application deadline
  • Scholarships & financial aid tailored to your budget
  • Acceptance rate
Delivery time: 5 days


Essay Review

Comprehensive review of your College Essays and Letters of Motivation


Your expert essay review will include:
  • Content Feedback
  • Structural Analysis
  • Language and Grammar Check
  • Voice and Tone Guidance
Delivery time: 7 days


Full Admission Guidance

Full comprehensive support throughout the application process


  • Personalized College List
  • Expert Essay Review: 3 essays/month included
  • Extracurricular Review
  • Access to millions of $ in scholarships and aid
  • Unlimited 24/7 support and assistance via chat

By choosing Borderless Sensei, you save up to
6,000 USD on college counseling fees and up to
400,000 USD on college fees.